WiMAX Review

WiMAX Review

WiMAX Company and Stock Information

WiMAX technology has the opportunity to become one of the hottest products since WiFi became commonplace among businesses and homes. This new technology is being developed and tested by some of the biggest names in the technology and telecommunications markets. Millions of dollars are already being invested in WiMAX, by companies like Intel, Fujitsu, Samsung and AT&T. Industry reports have estimated the WiMAX infrastructure market to be worth hundreds of millions within the next few years.

Whether WiMAX does become widely available to the world, or only serves a specific niche market, there will most likely be a good size market. The fastest growing market may be in developing nations in Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, where other broadband alternatives aren't as common. In the US, companies like Speakeasy and Clearwire are already providing pre-WiMAX service to cities like Seattle and Jacksonville.

There are several familiar blue chip tech companies investing in WiMAX research and testing as well as many smaller companies completely devoted to WIMAX development. For your research, below is the name, web site, and stock symbol (if available) of some of the leading companies investing in WiMAX.

Leading WiMAX companies:

ADC Telecommunications $N/A  N/A ADCT
Airspan Networks $N/A  N/A AIRN
Alcatel $N/A  N/A ALA
Alvarion $N/A  N/A ALVR
Aperto Networks -     - -
AT&T $38.59+ 0.37 T
British Telecom $19.34- 0.02 BT
Fujitsu $N/A  N/A FJTSY.PK
Intel Corporation $37.18- 0.02 INTC
KDDI - - -
KT Corporation - - -
Motorola $N/A+ 0 MOT
Nokia $6.00- 0.05 NOK
Samsung - - -
Sprint Nextel $8.52+ 0.49 S
ZTE Corporation $N/A  N/A ZTCOF.PK

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